5 American meals which will make you fall in love with food again

America is often mentioned as the country of fast foods. However, just like any other country in the world, it has its own specific traditional meals. We have prepared a small list of our top choices of American meals, organic or more calorie packed, which you definitely need to try if you ever find yourself in America. Let’s begin with our list:

1. Eggs & Potato Hash

2. Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese dressing

3. American Hamburger

4. Boston Cream Pie

5. Apple Pie

Eggs & Potato Hash – a perfect American breakfast

Would there be a better way to start our list than with the perfect breakfast? This meal obviously includes eggs and potatoes but also onions, and you can also see it cooked with fresh thyme or scallions for great taste. Traditionally, this great meal is bestcooked with organic waxy potatoes but any other sort of potatoes would also do.

Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese dressing

Cheese is big in America. In most cuisines around the world you will hardly find cheese on a salad and trying one with blue cheese would definitely not be your first choice when looking through a menu. However, I can assure you that there is a very high chance that you will fall in love with this meal.

The salad itself is very simple. You will receive a big wedge of iceberg, topped with homemade blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, herbs and maybe some pepper or even bacon. If you are ever looking for a refreshing salad, this is the perfect choice for you!

American Hamburger

Burgers are one of the most eaten foods all around the world. Every burger restaurant aims to create their own type of burger, sometimes with unimaginable ingredients.

However, a burger does not necessarily need to be complicated. There is nothing better than a classic American burger. It would be a crime not to try a burger at an American restaurant with traditional organic ground beef and cheese.

Boston Cream Pie

The name says it all. This delicious dessert originates from Boston, Massachusetts but you can always try it anywhere else in America. Despite being called a pie it really is a cake. It was once considered an exotic dessert which you could rarely have a taste of but not today.

In its simplest form, the Boston Cream pie is a butter cake filled with cream and topped with a solid layer of chocolate glaze and the taste is so amazing that someone who does not regularly enjoy sweet foods will love it!

Apple Pie

Despite not even being American, this simple dessert has overtaken the country so much in the last century that it is literally being considered a national food and called American Apple Pie.

Everyone has tried apple pie in their life but you do not want to miss your chance to try a fresh apple pie in a bakery or patisserie in America. Its making has become such a tradition that you just cannot go wrong with this choice!

Our list could easily go on forever but these were our top 5 choices of American meals that anyone should try. Furthermore, every one of these foods could easily be made at home with organic ingredientsand improved by personal taste. Hopefully, we have expanded your knowledge of American cuisine and possibly widened your list of favorite foods! So if you’re already get excited – pack your travel bag and get on your food trip to USA. But don’t forget to make it as much comfortable as you can – so book your accomodation first and look up for a good car rental services in the places you are planing to visit!


There is a reason Europe once conquered the world. From the splendour of her Royalties to the intricacies of her recipes, Europe has dominated the world for centuries.

European cuisines have given birth to the most popular and definitely delicious meals of this generation. When next you find yourself in Europe, rent a car for 24 hours, go through the street corners and try out any of the following delicacies courtesy of Europe as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known.

Give yourself a break from the routine breakfast, lunch and dinner meals you have every day and try out one or even all of these meals:


This flour load of delicious awesome is home to Naples, Italy and can be consumed with a variety of sauce and ingredients toppings.


This meal is a meat sauce prepared with tomato and served with pasta. With its rich blend of pork, chicken, and beef, this meal is sure to take you to the edge with its deliciousness.


This meal features a blend of beef and pork garnished with spices like ginger and nutmeg and soaked in a creamy beef sauce.


This delicacy hails from Eastern European countries. They are dumplings prepared with dough and stuffed with meat, cheese or potatoes. The result produces the complete beauty of a meal!


It is impossible to resist this cheese bases meal served with crusty bread, white wine and Kirsch. Give your intestines a plush treatment with this meal.


This is a fast food comprising of fried pork seasoned with ketchup sauce and dished with french fries. It doesn’t get ‘yummier’ than this.


Raclette is made from cheese that has been melted to serve as a kind of sauce for potatoes. When these two go together, they deliver the right combo to get going with the day.


This meal consists of rice balls filled in with meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, and pistachios. Talk about a crispy delight!


One of the most popular delicacies coming from Europe. Who hasn’t heard about waffles? To complete the delicious experience, give them a go with strawberries, cream and, Nutella.


Once considered food exclusive to royalty, oysters add class to your taste. Oysters served with olives and washed down with a glass of champagne are a real joy to take in.


While spending your time in Europe, you will want to drive around the cities of the following countries. These countries are the top food destination points in Europe:
• Spain
• Italy
• Greece
• Belgium
• England

A ride through Europe’s best delicacies brings you in contact with her rich culture, which basks in the glory and exquisite pump of her Empires. Take the next flight to Europe, rent a car for 24 hours and drive yourself through the wealth and deliciousness of Europe’s cuisine.


With the arrival of summer, free time flowers. We have better schedules, we are more on the street and we think more about our leisure. For this reason in rental24h.com car rental we have compiled a collection of the best cars you can use this time of year, enjoying every minute of your driving or use. And we know what we say, since we have had the opportunity to try all of them.

Peugeot 308 GTI, travels fast and with the necessary space

The new Peugeot 308 GTI is undoubtedly one of the most discreet sports compact in design, except for its peculiar two-color paint. By its behavior it is a vehicle that can be used daily with the comfort of a normal 308. But when you want to unleash the 270 HP of your engine, fun is assured. The benefits and the sensations for the ease of your driving will delight all its users. If you wonder why we chose the 308 GTI the answer is very easy. Inside it has 5 seats, the 5 doors add practicality as well as its trunk of 398 liters. All this makes him a versatile GTI compact with which traveling and having fun is always linked.

Abarth 595, a toy for the elderly

The Abarth 595 may be an urban one, but it is not just any one. Its design is unmistakable with a sporty appearance both inside and outside. Its engine is a small explosive bomb for the size and weight of the car. We had the opportunity to test the Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing , a limited edition of which only 25 units arrived in our country. Without a doubt it is a car destined for this time because with it you can enjoy every second of driving, not only for its behavior. The delivery of power of the T-JET 1.4 and 160 HP is brutal and coupled with the sound of their exhaust is the delight of many .

Mini Cabrio, uncovered trend

Mini has always been characterized by having a classic design. The Mini Cabri or is the best option for those who want to travel to open roof, enjoying the scenery and a quiet ride. You can also enjoy an agile driving in twisty areas. It adapts to any environment, be it a coastal road, a mountain road or in the city. The comfort of its interior and the quality with which it counts make a cozy atmosphere. His sporting behavior, makes him an agile car in the city and fun in curves. Generally speaking, it is the ideal car to use it in all kinds of circumstances in summer. Of course, always with the roof open.

Hyundai i20 Active, the goat pulls for the bush

Not everyone likes the beach, there are always those who prefer the mountain and nature. The Hyundai i20 Active is a great choice for those urban lovers in the field. It is a car that stands out in all its aspects, has a good offer of engines and good behavior. It is perfect for day to day and thanks to its SUV image and greater height to the ground, it is also ideal to get into nature and get away from day to day.

Mazda MX-5, a summer love

A unique car. After four generations he continues to use the same philosophy. Front engine, rear and two-wheel drive. The new Mazda MX-5 is the achievable dream of many motor enthusiasts and one of the best cars to enjoy in summer (and the rest of the year). Driving is a pleasure, especially with the open roof allowing the sea breeze to enter the cabin while you are traveling a few meters from the sea. Or notice the typical “chilly” it makes in the different mountains of the country when the sun goes down. More than a car is a myth and a choice to consider to enjoy the summer.

Audi RS 6 Avant, a car of sports father

The car that every family father and car lover wants to have in his garage. In a time like this, families need a big car, where they can put the children, all the suitcases, the bicycles and a large etc. The Audi RS 6 is the ideal car to travel in summer, with the comfort of a saloon and the behavior of a sports car. Of course, your driver will be looking forward to arriving at your vacation spot, unloading all the suitcases and going out chopping wheel to enjoy the car while your family stays on the beach.

Volkswagen Caddy, something different

For many the Volkswagen Caddy is nothing more than a mere van. Yes, it is based on a commercial vehicle, but not for that reason in a bad choice. Its behavior is like that of a tourist and has much more space than a minivan. It is true that their driving away from sportiness, but with the Caddy hours of fun are assured. It is the ideal vehicle for those who want to travel to any destination without planning it. Its habitability allows the most adventurous not to worry about accommodation. A custom mattress in the back area of ​​the car may be enough to spend a different vacation.

With what car would you go on vacation?

During this year at rental24h.com car rental we have not stopped trying cars to keep you informed of the latest developments that come to market. Telling us what a car transmits to us or the sensations that your driving gives us is part of our job, but we are interested in knowing which car we tried through 2016 would go on vacation. Leave your comment to know what your tastes are!

Best Exotic Foods to try During Your Trip in The U.S.

The United States is the most beautiful branch of geography. There are many wonderful wonders of geographic and natural nature on the land of the United States. It belongs to the charming nature. There are innumerable attractions and activities for the whole family that you can discover and enjoy in both winter and summer. however, by hiring mco enterprise car rental, they are available at affordable price. with them, you will definitely discover the beauty of united state .an excellent choice!in addition, the plenty of most luxurious hotels serve most exotic foods in the U.S.below are Best Exotic Foods to try During Your Trip in The U.S


Quesadilla is a very popular exotic food in many restaurants in U.S. This is one of those foods that give you an idea that they are healthy and can really be. This dish can contain many good ingredients, but not all catering establishments use what is better for them. You can have something to offer with lots of unnecessary fat and calories. If you really want to enjoy quesadilla without all the unwanted unhealthy supplements, start cooking them in your own kitchen. Now you have control over the final product. The ingredient number one you need is skinless, boneless, chicken breast. To make sure your chicken does not have a mild taste, you’ll want to fix it.


Seafood is probably the most popular food in the world. The absolute right to buy seafood is a fresh local food market that can be found near the ocean, lake or river .. Seafood is on the list of various food products related to cooking. Almost all seafood can be baked, fried, steamed, boiled or grilled. There are many recipes for the quality of seafood, sometimes difficult to offer a concrete one. Usually, you can cook the fish until it is flaky but still solid.

Filet mignon

Filet Mignon is a class of exquisite beef, which is the main choice of typical, rich beef. It is carefully extracted from the sirloin part of the animal and is an admirer of an exquisite gourmet connoisseur. The fillet is usually served with sauces that blend well with the mild flavor. It is either stewed in a sauce or the sauce serves as a perch for a fillet sauce. Special sauces are not recommended because it is tasty for any sauce. The choice of sauces depends only on the personal preferences of one restaurant. Some people prefer to use the marinade while cooking, not the sauce during dinner.

Chocolate soup

Chocolate soup is a great meal for a comfortable rest, especially when you feel cold or swallow. In winter, it is one of the best dishes you can get, because it is full of vegetables, easy to cook and eat and very warm. This is the perfect offer! Soup is a fantastic meal for convenience and is really good when you feel the weakness of energy, cold or illness. It consists of many vegetables, it is filled with vitamins and minerals and almost guarantees that you will feel better. Remember the old rule that chicken soup will cure most diseases … it does

Other exotic foods:

  • Tortilla soup
  • fish tacos
  • pastrami
  • pizza
  • AlineaIn the United States, there are many great places to visit relax, you can literally choose. From the east coast to the west, from the Rocky Mountains to Hawaii, now there has never been a better time to spend holidays in the United States. Considering the current state of the tourism industry in the USA, you can find cheap offers and favorable offers on rental24h car rental throughout the country.ou can choose all the best holiday activities. In many places in the deep south, there is something special that attracts tourists.