5 American meals which will make you fall in love with food again

America is often mentioned as the country of fast foods. However, just like any other country in the world, it has its own specific traditional meals. We have prepared a small list of our top choices of American meals, organic or more calorie packed, which you definitely need to try if you ever find yourself in America. Let’s begin with our list:

1. Eggs & Potato Hash

2. Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese dressing

3. American Hamburger

4. Boston Cream Pie

5. Apple Pie

Eggs & Potato Hash – a perfect American breakfast

Would there be a better way to start our list than with the perfect breakfast? This meal obviously includes eggs and potatoes but also onions, and you can also see it cooked with fresh thyme or scallions for great taste. Traditionally, this great meal is bestcooked with organic waxy potatoes but any other sort of potatoes would also do.

Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese dressing

Cheese is big in America. In most cuisines around the world you will hardly find cheese on a salad and trying one with blue cheese would definitely not be your first choice when looking through a menu. However, I can assure you that there is a very high chance that you will fall in love with this meal.

The salad itself is very simple. You will receive a big wedge of iceberg, topped with homemade blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, herbs and maybe some pepper or even bacon. If you are ever looking for a refreshing salad, this is the perfect choice for you!

American Hamburger

Burgers are one of the most eaten foods all around the world. Every burger restaurant aims to create their own type of burger, sometimes with unimaginable ingredients.

However, a burger does not necessarily need to be complicated. There is nothing better than a classic American burger. It would be a crime not to try a burger at an American restaurant with traditional organic ground beef and cheese.

Boston Cream Pie

The name says it all. This delicious dessert originates from Boston, Massachusetts but you can always try it anywhere else in America. Despite being called a pie it really is a cake. It was once considered an exotic dessert which you could rarely have a taste of but not today.

In its simplest form, the Boston Cream pie is a butter cake filled with cream and topped with a solid layer of chocolate glaze and the taste is so amazing that someone who does not regularly enjoy sweet foods will love it!

Apple Pie

Despite not even being American, this simple dessert has overtaken the country so much in the last century that it is literally being considered a national food and called American Apple Pie.

Everyone has tried apple pie in their life but you do not want to miss your chance to try a fresh apple pie in a bakery or patisserie in America. Its making has become such a tradition that you just cannot go wrong with this choice!

Our list could easily go on forever but these were our top 5 choices of American meals that anyone should try. Furthermore, every one of these foods could easily be made at home with organic ingredientsand improved by personal taste. Hopefully, we have expanded your knowledge of American cuisine and possibly widened your list of favorite foods! So if you’re already get excited – pack your travel bag and get on your food trip to USA. But don’t forget to make it as much comfortable as you can – so book your accomodation first and look up for a good car rental services in the places you are planing to visit!


There is a reason Europe once conquered the world. From the splendour of her Royalties to the intricacies of her recipes, Europe has dominated the world for centuries.

European cuisines have given birth to the most popular and definitely delicious meals of this generation. When next you find yourself in Europe, rent a car for 24 hours, go through the street corners and try out any of the following delicacies courtesy of Europe as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known.

Give yourself a break from the routine breakfast, lunch and dinner meals you have every day and try out one or even all of these meals:


This flour load of delicious awesome is home to Naples, Italy and can be consumed with a variety of sauce and ingredients toppings.


This meal is a meat sauce prepared with tomato and served with pasta. With its rich blend of pork, chicken, and beef, this meal is sure to take you to the edge with its deliciousness.


This meal features a blend of beef and pork garnished with spices like ginger and nutmeg and soaked in a creamy beef sauce.


This delicacy hails from Eastern European countries. They are dumplings prepared with dough and stuffed with meat, cheese or potatoes. The result produces the complete beauty of a meal!


It is impossible to resist this cheese bases meal served with crusty bread, white wine and Kirsch. Give your intestines a plush treatment with this meal.


This is a fast food comprising of fried pork seasoned with ketchup sauce and dished with french fries. It doesn’t get ‘yummier’ than this.


Raclette is made from cheese that has been melted to serve as a kind of sauce for potatoes. When these two go together, they deliver the right combo to get going with the day.


This meal consists of rice balls filled in with meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, and pistachios. Talk about a crispy delight!


One of the most popular delicacies coming from Europe. Who hasn’t heard about waffles? To complete the delicious experience, give them a go with strawberries, cream and, Nutella.


Once considered food exclusive to royalty, oysters add class to your taste. Oysters served with olives and washed down with a glass of champagne are a real joy to take in.


While spending your time in Europe, you will want to drive around the cities of the following countries. These countries are the top food destination points in Europe:
• Spain
• Italy
• Greece
• Belgium
• England

A ride through Europe’s best delicacies brings you in contact with her rich culture, which basks in the glory and exquisite pump of her Empires. Take the next flight to Europe, rent a car for 24 hours and drive yourself through the wealth and deliciousness of Europe’s cuisine.